Pushchairs: Little Known Features

It’s time to buy a pushchair for your baby or toddler. You’ve considered in what terrain you’ll be using the chair, how big it is, and how easy to maneuver. But, there are a few universal features that you may not have considered when looking at girls pushchairs, or pushchairs for boys, that you may want to know about.

girls pushchairs

When buying boys or girls pushchairs you need to make sure that it is not only comfortable for the baby, but also for you. Can you walk your normal pace and gait while pushing it? Can you even jog with it? Does it have brake pedals? Those can be very necessary sometimes. They should be easy to apply, and they should actually work. The safety of your baby can’t be taken for advantage, and needs to be considered.

Can it attach to a car seat, or does it have a detachable or reversible seat? Can the pushchair recline at all? Your baby, when younger, will likely need a flatter position, where as toddlers will want to be sitting. If you can find a pushchair that is adjustable, you won’t have to find a new one when your baby grows older.

The same goes for wheels: it’s better if you can find a stroller that fits all of your needs wherever you go. There are car seats with interchangeable wheels. That way, if you’re going on vacation to the countryside, you can use more all-terrain wheels, and if you’re heading to the cite centre for a day of shopping, you still won’t have any problems.

Adjustable handles are also something to consider if you are particularly short or tall, or you are short and your husband is tall – or even vice versa! It will make outings much, much more comfortable for you and your back!